Customer Support

It is beyond questioning that a company in order to run smoothly, needs to be equipped with an efficient customer team. Similarly, in the case of a school district, it must have an efficient and effective support team to assist every member of the community, such as students, teachers, parents, and other concerned people. The district acknowledges this fact and has successfully established a support team for every member of the school district. Every member of the community who is part of this school district can contact this team and get all their issues resolved and questions answered. The purpose of establishing this support team is to give parents, teachers, and students a platform to get assistance from the school district’s staff and get first-hand information on any new developments. This facility provides a bridge between the school management and other concerned members such as students, parents, and teachers.

Here Are Ways In Which You Can Contact The Assistance Team At

  • Call : You can call on below numbers for the respective responsibilities they are assigned to cater to –
  • For all non-technical questions (only) : (305) 995 – 1000
  • For Information Technology (District) : (305) 995 – 3751
  • Curriculum (District) : (305) 995 – 4266
  • Assessment (District) : (305) 995 – 7512
  • Instructional (District) : (305) 995 – 4266
  • District Leadership : (305) 995 – 2938
  • Finance (District) : (305) 995 – 1226

These are all the calling numbers with their respective department. Feel free to call during the school hours (8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday) for any kind of assistance and the district would be more than willing to assist you and resolve your issues.

Post : In case you wish to write to the DadeSchools district, you can do so by posting a mail on the given address. The address at which you are supposed to send the post is M-DCPS, 1450 NE 2nd Ave. : Miami, FL 33132.

Email : You can also send in emails to the respective personnel. The details are as follows –
For non-technical assistance – [email protected]

For Recruitment Only:-

Here Is A List Of School Board Members You Could Contact For Any Specific Assistance

The below contact information is of the people who are part of the management and could assist you with your problems. It is pertinent to mention here that the working hours for the below members are 8 AM to 4:30 PM (Monday to Friday).

It is evident that the school district has left no stone unturned to provide you with various phone numbers and email IDs to contact through so that you can get all your issues resolved in a short turnaround time! Get in touch with the assistance team at today and have smooth relations with the school district!